The Carey Clan straight from the United States are on a quest for their Kilkenny and Irish heritage!

Consisting of 15 extended family members and spanning 3 generations, The Carey Clan are travelling to Kilkenny this month from the US in the hope of uncovering insights into their Irish heritage which so far have proved elusive.  Individual members of the clan have visited these shores before, but ran into roadblocks in their research, centred largely on the dearth of documentation caused by the 1922 fire at the Dublin Four Courts which sparked the civil war.

Now the family have come together for a very special visit to their ancestral homeland, which they hope will lead to interactions with Kilkenny locals who may be able to help flesh out their family tree, with memories, anecdotes and family links not found in the official record books.

The Carey clan members, who hail variously from Kentucky, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania, can trace their roots to Martin Joseph Carey Sr. who immigrated to America around 1866 and settled in Louisville, Kentucky.  Some members also have roots in Doyle and Sheridan families from other locations in Ireland.

The Carey clan are now planning to march in the Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day Parade – mainly to reach out to any onlookers who may be able to help them fill the gaps in their genealogy research – but also to have a unique and memorable experience that they can pass down to their future generations, to preserve and strengthen their treasured Irish connection.

Orla Carroll, Director of Product Development at Fáilte Ireland said:

“Fáilte Ireland is thrilled to be welcoming so many International visitors who are travelling to Ireland this March to celebrate and to take part in the multitude of St. Patrick’s Festivities around the country. Kilkenny will host its biggest line up yet, with four days of fantastic family-friendly events showcasing the wonderful arts and culture from so many talented community groups from throughout the medieval City and County. The St. Patrick’s Festival in Kilkenny has attracted great interest from extended families within the global Irish community, as well as young families looking for a fun, cultural experience in Ireland’s Ancient East.  We’re especially excited to welcome the members of the Carey family, traveling from various parts of the USA to celebrate their shared Irish heritage and join in the Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17th

The Cary Clan will not be the only family making merry at this year’s festivities in Kilkenny – in fact the St. Patrick’s Festival has been curated with family-friendly entertainment at its core.  The extensive program includes a range of unique family-centric circus acts, an electrifying fireworks display, a Big Wheel and vintage carnival and several top US Marching bands, as well as the highly-anticipated floats and displays of the main parade. This year’s theme is Kilkenny Cats: Tales and Legends – From ancient tales to present day legends, Kilkenny has is all!

Keep an eye out for the Carey Clan in the Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day Parade and make sure to give them a wave and say hi! The St. Patrick’s Day Parade takes place in the streets of Kilkenny (John Street, Rose Inn Street, High Street, Market Yard) on Sunday 17th March, beginning at 1.30pm.